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Every purchase on ziggie puts cash in your Impact Account to donate to causes you care aboout. There is no extra cost to you. With our Impact Network ziggie carefully selects projects that make your money go further. Small changes have dramatic effects! Stay tuned for more project coming your way soon!  

ReThink Disposable

What if one small change in your behavior could help save 1000 turtles and keep 100 billion pounds of plastic out of the ocean? Our single use disposable lifestyle is killing sea life, wasting resources, and increasing greenhouse gasses...but it's never too late to try something new!

The ReThink Disposable program is focused on the education, promotion and sale of goods that reduce environmental waste of all kind - including long lasting alternatives to single use disposables, as well as products “circular” in nature – all helping to reduce our burden on the planet.
9X Impact

Create Women Entrepreneurs

The Create Woman Entrepreneurs campaign empowers women to lift out of poverty by helping them start a new Chicken Business. Chickens provide direct additional family income through the sale of eggs and chicks. Chicken manure is used to fertilize family gardens, and the produce is sold in local markets to generate even more income which allows families to send their children to school.

Your $3 enables a woman to start a business, generating $150 in income to help lift her family out of poverty.  In many countries, $150 can send a child to school for an entire year!  Heifer ensures that chickens are shared with neighbors so your impact gift will multiply 9X creating an economic benefit to the community of $1,350.
4X Match

Feed a Child To Survive

World Vison is working with The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) to address global hunger and emergency food needs. WFP provides assistance to the most vulnerable around the world. It reaches more than 80 million people over 75 countries every year. It is the largest implementing partner in delivering food to the neediest populations.

Your $10 provides nutrient rich food for a hungry child for 30 days who lives in dangerous, war torn or emergency locations, such as South Sudan, Somalia and Myanmar. World Vision is one of the few NGO's permitted access to these regions. World Vision is partnering with the World Food Program so your $10 will multiply 4X and feed a child for 120 days.

Endangered Species Art Contest

Once per year, thousands of children participate in a nation-wide art contest honoring endangered species. Beautiful and insightful, these art prints showcase the beauty of nature from a unique perspective.