You are more powerful than you think.

About Ziggie

It all started with an idea…to improve our world by envisioning & building the compassionate economy.

That’s why we started ziggie.

We believe the compassionate economy is where four elements align…  good for the earth, good for each other, good for business, and good for our communities.  

ziggie is a digital destination that makes it easy for each person to join the compassionate economy through shopping, engaging with inspirational content, and directing money to causes you care about.

One trip to ziggie amplifies your power. All of our brands, artisans, and creative contributors make product that supports the compassionate economy. They also make it possible for up to 10% of the retail price to be placed in your Impact Account. From there you can direct the funds to social impact organizations of your choice. Prices are NOT inflated to accomplish this.

When you shop with ziggie, many of our impact organizations also contribute matching funds. When you ‘vote with your dollars’ they stretch even further to improve the world.

We are a scrappy group of professionals who have spent years wanting to do things differently. Inspiration and motivation was only half satisfied with business results. We came together to create a world that defines the bottom line with integrity and real human values, not just quarterly results.

Join us in creating the compassionate economy. You are more powerful than you think.